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At Embassy Suites Hotel & Restaurant, YOU, the traveler, are our top priority.

We do that by providing quality experience, and friendly service at a great value.  It is where American and European standard meets comfort and cleanliness.

We strive on Quality, Service and Value.

Embassy Suites Rooms

Single Room Standard

The Single Room Standard is ideal for an individual staying only for a temporary stay / extended period. It is fully furnished with mini bar, mini fridge, a working desk, fully air-conditioned, flat screen TV, telephone and unlimited access to Internet.

Whether a personal vacation or on a work trip, we can accommodate all your needs. You also get a Complimentary Breakfast when you spend a night at the Single Room Standard.

Double Room Standard

The Double Room Standard is ideal for a lovely couple on a romantic getaway or 2 colleagues on a business trip. It is fully furnished with 2 Queen beds mini bar, mini fridge, a working desk, a private wardrobe, a room safe, fully air-conditioned, flat screen TV, telephone and unlimited access to Internet.

Whether on a romantic getaway or on a work trip, we can accommodate all your needs. You also get Free Breakfast, Free Newspaper and Free Toiletries on the house.

Deluxe Single Room

The Deluxe Single Room is an elegant room equipped with top-tier furniture and amenities. It features an elegant King-size bed, bathrobes, Cable / Satellite TV, a standard fridge, a room safe, fully air-conditioned, complimentary Breakfast, Room Service, Free Toiletries, etc.

Get to relax and unwind in our Deluxe Single Room.

Executive Suites

The Executive Suites are exquisitely designed to give you an Executive and Presidential Experience. Each room is furnished with top-tier furniture, a king-size bed with every other amenities available in the Deluxe Room.

You also get a Complimentary Breakfast, Unlimited access to Internet, Cable / Satellite TV on a Flat Screen TV set, Free toiletries and lots more.

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I stayed here for 9 months last year, and have been back for 2 months. You could say I am an Embassy Suites veteran.

This isn’t the fanciest or most decked out hotel in Monrovia, but it provides the most important comforts and a consistently high quality of service. Here are some of the highlights:

-Located close to downtown Monrovia, by US Embassy
-24 hour electricity, hot water, fast Wifi, security
-Daily cleaning and one-day laundry service
-Pillows with serious cushion and beautiful bedsheets
-Negotiable long-term rates, with access to microwave and kettle if necessary
-Very responsive and friendly management & staff
-Great coffee, omelette, and fruits for breakfast (free)
-Arguably the best chicken wings and Indian food in Monrovia

Overall, I feel at home and would definitely recommend the place.


I spent 2 years in Liberia and this hotel has always served the customers well. The customer service was great and the people are friendly. After I had an apartment I always went there for things to do on the weekend they have a lot of activities going on each week.

Terry S.

Stayed for 6 nights in their basic room, which was plenty big. Came with a 32in TV, fridge, desk and dresser. Room had enough space to accommodate an armchair or shelving, but did not. Linens were impeccable. Wifi is strong & dependable. I particularly appreciated hotel’s quick action when I said the bathroom could use an over sink lamp and longer shower hose. The same day. it was addressed. Also, their daily laundry service (free) is pretty sweet and makes me feel spoiled. Expect to hear the drone of the adjacent embassy’s generators 24/7 (all of Monrovia seems to run on private generators). Amenities have me hesitate to stay there again, but service was top class so I probably will again.

Patrick L. from Washington DC

I stayed for six nights and it is not bad but room is expensive for its value. The rooms are equipped with AC, fridge, safe and TV and it is clean. The WiFi amazingly is fast. The hotel offers free laundry service. The hotel is located around US Embassy and UN offices and it is safe to walk around. The hotel has a big restaurant and food is good and very attentive staff and management. The management work hard to make your stay a pleasant one and accommodate any additional needs you have.

Amha_z from Addis Ababa

I lived here for 2 months last year and had a great experience. It was clean and safe and the staf was super friendly and helpful; I totally felt at home. The restaurant is very good. So much so that even when I moved out, I returned at least once a week for dinner or lunch. Also it’s proximity to the U.S. Embassy and other U.N. / Donor orgs.

Jonta W. from Washington DC, USA

The room is expensive for what you get by international standards but for Monrovia’s high prices its a good deal. The rooms have AC and TVs and you have good food room service, reliable and surprisingly fast wifi. The hotel offers free laundry service.

The hotel is right next to the US embassy, which makes for a safe neighborhood but also has noise from their generators.

Overall a good alternative to Mamba Point Hotel or Cape Hotel.

MRSlowLoris from New York City

Wonderful room laundry service and food were excellent also. Wonderful family Berna, Sara and Gecco Saoud closely supervised to ensure good quality. Close to the US Embassy. complementary shuttle service in to town.

Curt H. from Berlin, Germany

I haven’t stayed here but friends of mine have during a recent trip and they highly recommend it! Clean, clean, clean and a wonderful family hotel! My review is of the restaurant (we sat outside, great setting). The customer service was excellent. Berna and the serving staff made sure everything was exactly as requested. The food (fresh fish catch of the day) is one of the best I have ever had (I live in Manhattan, New York)! I love the ambiance and attitude of this family run hotel and restaurant!


I was very impressed with the service and the accommodations. Granted I stayed in the blue room which happens to be my favorite color :o) but it was nice to have a fridge and free laundry with pick up and drop off to my room, free breakfast in the restaurant downstairs or the one located in the front courtyard. Room service was offered for no additional fee on items from either restaurant which had pretty diverse menus with everything from American burgers to Indian food to classic continental and more. Breakfast offered a number of good choices from healthy fruit mixes and yogurt to made-to-order omelettes, muffins, etc. The staff was extremely helpful. It was nice to have free internet even though it was often slow (but this is sort of expected in Monrovia). I had a lovely view of the ocean from my bathroom window so I could gaze out as I took a shower (from a 2nd floor executive room). It was a lovely and economical stay. What else can I say? Oh, the location being smack in between the new and old US embassies was an added bonus.

drgribs from Washington DC

Thanks to all of the Saoud family – Gecco, Berna, Sara, and Mary Ann,
Jonias and all the others who made my 3 month stay so nice. Your warmth, hospitality and friendship extended to me during my stay there made the trip/visit far more enjoyable than I ever expected. Best breakfast I have had in any hotel I have stayed at – reliable internet throughout the complex – comfortable hangout in the Palava Hut, where where good food and drinks are served throughout the day. I felt right at home from day 1. Very convenient to the American Embassy, a 60 foot walk across a back street directly into the Embassy Compound. Whenever I find myself in Monrovia, you can rest assured that I will stay nowhere other than Embassy Suites!

Patrick M. from Little Rock, Arkansas

Friendly staff, great location and very comfortable atmosphere. Owners continually working with staff to make sure your needs are met. Food was well prepared and if something is not on the menu, just ask, they may be able to prepare it for you. Very positive experience, would recommend it over the other hotels in area.

Robin M. from Atlanta, Georgia

It is a good value relative to the other international class hotels in the city (Mamba Point, Royal) while providing excellent service. It is secure, has wifi, a nice open air cafe (the palaver hut) inside the walled enclosure, and if your business is in Mamba Point (where many of the UN and aid offices are located, as well as the embassies) is very convenient. The rooms are a bit spartan (not much decoration, tile floors) but are very clean and are air conditioned to a fault.

The restaurant has an Indian chef, and in addition to generic international hotel fare has a fantastic Indian menu – really amazingly good. Very friendly and attentive service, and even postprandial shishas, if that’s your thing.

Often, the Solo taxi service positions cars there – these are dispatched cars with on-board wifi – yep, in Liberia! Try that in Washington!

Zouave2k from Washington DC

I stayed at the Embassy Suites for over two (2) weeks (May 2015). It is located in the heart of the diplomatic quarter in Monrovia’s elegant Mamba Point. The staff is friendly and honnest, has wonderful internet everywhere with excellent coverage. It is cheaper than other hotels.
The most important:
It is clean, clean, clean, clean, clean.
has all commodities: free WiFi, flat tv, fridge, suitable plugs every corner in the room, etc etc. The laundry service is worth its weight in gold (same day).

Embassy Sports Bar (Palava Hut) – offered a more relaxed atmosphere. The only place with huge projector screen Yep … 12 feet!! Co-workers staying at the other Mamba Point hotels came to enjoy watching sports at the Palava Hut.

Perfect for working trips.
A luxury if we realise we are in Liberia/Africa

brian09067 from Saarbrucken, Germany

I’ve stayed in several places in Monrovia. It’s a very small and very high-priced market, and I’ve found Embassy Suites to be among the best overall experiences. The owner / manager (Sara) is wonderful, helpful, and is working hard to make the hotel among the best in the city. The daily complimentary laundry service is an amazing benefit. There are a few areas that could use improvement– the main one for me was the internet, since logging in is not always easy (if it weren’t for internet issues, I would have given it a rating of 5). But on the whole it’s a good value, and Sara’s warm welcome really sets Embassy Suites apart.

revenron-nyc from New York City
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